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The combination of computer and communications technologies is called information technology.

Today the information technology covering many fields such as designing computer networks,data management, networking, engineering computer hardware and manage information databases.


5 Tips How to Create a Killer landing page and increase sales

Landing pages can generate traffic and increase sales if you follow some rules of usability and landing pages efficiency. Online marketing campaigns depend on landing pages and their relevancy and compliance with user’s expectations. So, first of all, you should take into account main principles of landing pages creation and optimization to run a successful online marketing campaign and increase sales and ROI.  There are two types of landing pages also known as reference and transactional.   And these rules work for both of them:

·         Use Call-to-action to tell visitors what you expect them to do. Write short and simple sentences relevant to your special offer.  Keep it brief and concrete, and use such words as: Buy, now, free, calls us now, contact us, request for quote, special offer and others. But keep in mind, that your page should contain several calls-to-action.  You may also add testimonial and reasons to your landing page to encourage users to perform an action.  Well-written and tested CTAs will probably convert o site visitors into sales leads.

·         Write brief and precise headlines.  This is very important to grab visitor’s attention and help them understand where they are located. Headlines are very important for SEO and online marketing, because people usually pay attention to them at first.

·         Landing page must contain the same message as your Ads.  Try not disappointing visitors and leading them to the page they expect to see. If you are talking about discount on your services, let your Ads lead visitors to the relevant page with detailed description of this offer. Don’t redirect them to home page and remember; don’t make them think a lot at your landing page.

·         Limit the number of links at your landing page. Don’t add many links to your landing page because they confuse visitors and take them away from your landing page.

·         Test your landing page again and again to make sure it is targeted, focused, specific and user-friendly enough. Ask your friends to test your landing page and perform some required activities: to apply for a quote, to find contact information and all the information they need.  Test colors, headline and buttons and make changes if necessary.

If you need professional landing page optimization, turn to EffectiveSoft Company for SEO services for your online business. 

To sum up, landing page must be targeted, relevant to your Ads and easy-to-use and understand. Don’t be afraid of carrying out experiments and test different claim forms and types of your landing pages.

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